New mirrors for Mini memo 2021-Oct-Sat 08:48:55

We have provided more mirrors for Mini Memo pwnable task, see the challenge page.

Lagleg challenge updated. 2021-Oct-Sat 05:56:09

See the challenge page.

Note: There is tiny typo in the source code, change 512 to 256 in the 53rd line.

V81 for dummies description updated 2021-Oct-Sat 01:42:21

The description of the V81 for dummies I is updated, please see the challenge page.

New Pwnable and Crypto task released. 2021-Oct-Sat 12:30:34

New Pwnable task V81 and Crypto Madras are released. See the challenges page.

New web task released 2021-Oct-Sat 09:35:46

New web task AF2 released. See the challenges page.

New web task released 2021-Oct-Sat 05:01:26

New web task Number manager released. See the challenges page.

Another Three Task released 2021-Oct-Sat 03:59:59

The tasks Pinhole, Hermes, and Mini Memo are released. Go to the challenges page.

Damas challenge description updated 2021-Oct-Fri 07:39:51

In Damas crypto challenge, in the 22nd line of the DamaS.sage there is typo, change N to phi.

New pwnable task released 2021-Oct-Fri 07:00:48

New pwnable task StrVec is released, please see the download page.

Three new tasks released 2021-Oct-Fri 05:47:49

New tasks Beans talk, Damas, and Gesture are released, see the challenges page.

New web task released 2021-Oct-Fri 05:12:02

New web task Lovely nonce released. See the challenges page.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! 2021-Oct-Mon 06:33:55

Registration is open now, please go to the registration page. If you have any problem with the registration process, feel free to contact us. Note that anyone can register, play, and get the CTFTime points.

ASIS CTF Quals 2021 2021-Oct-Mon 06:32:28

The ASIS CTF Quals website is now online. The countdown timer shows the remaining time to ASIS CTF Quals 2021. There are some links to access News, FAQ, etc.